Client FAQs

Helpful answers to common questions:

1. In which areas of the world do you operate?

A: SQM is presently doing business in more than 40 countries worldwide. For more complex programs, SQM will implement Local Area Supervisors to properly manage specific cultural issues.

2. Which industries do you represent?

A: Our clients come from a number of different industries, including:

- Restaurant - Non-Profit
- Hotel & Hospitality - Automotive
-Retail - Manufacturing
- Government - Financial

3. How many Mystery Shoppers work for you?

A: SQM’s proprietary database contains over 10,000 Mystery Shoppers. However, this number is not as important as our ability to quickly and effectively recruit, train and maintain our field force to meet your specific project parameters.

4. Can you deliver reporting via the Internet?

A: SQM’s IRIS (Integrated Research Internet Solutions) system delivers targeted, customized information to each member of your organization. Authorization codes automatically configure reporting and allow you to track user activity. For more about SQM’s IRIS system, please click here.

5. Do you have multilingual capability?

A: SQM has full multilingual capability.

6. Can you match the demographic profile of our core customer base?

A: For most programs, Mystery Shopper profiles will represent those of your "typical customers." In some cases, you may wish to use specific demographic and/or psychographic profiles for specialized projects. SQM’s Mystery Shopper database can be used to match these profiles to specific project parameters.


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